Back at it!

Once again I’m a little tardy – it’s been two weeks since my last post! Not letting that stop me though, so please enjoy the sequel!

As I mentioned earlier, my yoga practice had become less-than-regular. While returning to class made me a little nervous, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to check out the difference I notice once I start back up again. I think it can be hard to really understand the changes and benefits that come with starting a yoga practice for the very first time because everything is so new and a lot of things might feel totally unrelated to yoga. Now that I’m doing things the second time around I’m noticing some of the changes I hadn’t even realized were a part of my progress as they reappear.

Before going back to class two weeks ago, I wrote down how I was feeling, physically and emotionally. Mostly, I was feeling both lethargic and quite apathetic at the time. I just didn’t really feel like I had the energy or enthusiasm to do much of anything. I was also really stressed out about something really silly at work. Looking back on it I know objectively that it was a non-issue, but at the time it felt like the worst thing ever! I believe the lethargy was also possibly due to the troubles I had been having sleeping. While I developed what I would describe as an exceptional ability to sleep through just about anything at university, I’d been struggling to sleep through the night for some time, often waking up for no clear reason only to lie awake and wait for sleep to find me again.

The biggest change I noticed after class was in my mental energy. Suddenly, I was feeling very inspired and excited about life. I found myself back in prime list making mode, writing down everything I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, pieces I wanted to write, etc. In the weeks since returning to yoga I’ve fallen back into my over-scheduled ways. There are just so many things I want to do each day I’m running out of hours!

As far as stress is concerned, I’ve noticed some real improvement there. This should have been obvious to me as yoga had been a real saviour for me back at school, but still it takes me by surprise what a change just an hour on my mat can make. I left class feeling much better about the specific problem that had been bothering me at the time, but have also noticed that I haven’t gotten that worked up about anything since returning to my practice.

Finally, my energy has much improved! Just as my enthusiasm for almost everything has skyrocketed, I’m also feeling much more capable of doing it all! I’ve even found I’m sleeping more soundly (although admittedly not for quite as long as I might like to). 

Have any of you ever taken a significant break from your yoga practice or other routines? What do you think is the best thing you get out of your practice?


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