Styling Short-Alls

I have a dream: to dress the world in short-alls. Let’s make it happen.


Last weekend I bought a pair of short-alls I had been eying for some time and in the week following I think I wore them about five times and tweeted things like, “I’m not telling you how to live your life, but if you aren’t wearing short-alls right now you are wrong. Sit and think about your mistakes.” Maybe I went a little crazy; maybe this is a totally justified reaction to purchasing a little bit of heaven.

I always worry when I buy something new, especially something unusual, that I won’t wear it enough to justify the purpose, but that doesn’t look like it will be an issue! I’ve been surprised by how versatile these guys are and how much of a bad-ass, frog-catching, eight year old I feel like when I wear them! Everyone should own something that makes them feel this uninhibited! Keep reading for a few ideas for how to style the short-alls that you will inevitably run out and purchase after reading this. Make my dream come true!

Look One: Vintage Boho Fairy Princess


I really love the idea of these great, flared sleeves paired with the short-alls. To me, this is the perfect outfit for taking some film shots or exploring in the city. Pinning a broach to the chest pocket (which by the way is a lot more useful than you think it is – you need one!) is an unexpected twist and a fun way to incorporate an accessory that I sometimes struggle to style.


I’ve been loving these bangles lately!


Another option to channel this vibe is to trade the lace top for one with a peter pan collar. The little detail poking out over the top is unexpected and helps draw attention up towards your gorgeous face! (I can just tell….)

Look Two: Minimalist Nineties Poet



Okay, hear me out. It might sound a little weird to pair to pieces that, frankly, can be hard to make look cool, but I think it kind of works. Something about this outfit brings to mind that effortlessly cool girl who looks up from her notebook and says things like, “What are short-alls?” and “I don’t really pay attention to trends, I just found these in the back of this church-turned-vintage-shop with a jazz lounge in the back and a swimming pool on the roof.” We all know her.


Interesting earrings can help brings some colour and personality to the look!

Look Three: Summer School of Style Student (three times fast!)Image

If you’re a student like me, summer is a great chance to try new looks out. Most of the people I see over the break are either strangers or the people I choose to see, so I don’t worry at all about being judged for what I’m wearing. If you aren’t a student like me, stop caring so much what other people think of you!! While I’m being adventurous, I figure why not mix patterns? It might be a little busy, I might look a little crazy, but I love it! This is the kind of outfit I want to wear collecting seashells or reading a book in the sun. Get gutsy! Give it a go!


Also, I hope everyone got a kick out of my totally self-indulgent use of a seashell to accessorize this outfit. I couldn’t resist!


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