Packing for an Overnight (Read: Sleepover)

I thought sleepover might sound too juvenile, but let’s be honest: I’m a child.

First things first – in breaking news, sweatpants guy was back in class this morning! AND he had a sweatshirt on!! In addition to his pants!! I’m starting to think he may in fact be doing this on purpose, especially since I overheard him say to his friend, “I come here to sweat.” Hmmmm… detective Kate is on the case! Moving right along…

I just returned about a month ago from spending a year abroad studying. Living in Europe presented me with seemingly endless opportunities for travel and all that moving around got me pretty practiced in the art of packing light. Having spent a night away from home for the last two weekends in a row got me flexing my packing muscle once again and thinking that the decent thing to do would be to share this wisdom with the world. So, read on for the ultimate guide to packing for a single night away from home!

Outfit one: travelling there.


This outfit is for getting wherever it is that your spending the night and it’s pretty simple stuff! Just a t-shirt and shorts, comfy shoes and simple accessories. Since you are probably driving or riding a bus/train (not a plane!) don’t worry about shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Our first priority for this outfit is comfort; make sure these are pieces that you can sit in for as long as you need to without feeling itchy. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just see some of these items make a comeback!

Outfit two: going out



A dress is a great choice for whatever it is you have planned for the evening. Especially if it’s cotton jersey or a similar material, it can fold up to almost nothing without looking wrinkled and is super easy to dress up or down. As for shoes, brogues, sandals, and low heels can all look either casual or formal(ish) with minimal effort. Wrapping a long necklace a few times instead of wearing it long can also give your outfit a more put together look. Hurrah! We’ve already reused two pieces and it’s not even bed time yet!

Outfit three: the sleeping part


Okay, not terribly exciting. Still, if you reuse the t-shirt you wore in transit  then you only have to pack one item for pyjamas! We’re saving space left, right, and centre!

Outfit four: heading home




Alas, all good things must come to an end and before you know it, you’ll be heading back home. Well, if you’re going to return home, you’d better look fabulous for all your admirers who will doubtless be breathless in anticipation of your arrival! Just reuse the dress you wore last night, add some day time accessories (like the earrings you wore on your way over!) and your done like dinner!


Everything ought to fit into your bag no problem at all, with plenty of space for any other travel essentials you might need…


My travel essentials include a notebook, a good read, and a camera! What are yours?


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