Interviewing at Lululemon

A little over a week ago I attended a group interview for a position at Lululemon and I  sincerely believe that to have been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

The interview took place in an empty studio at 889 Yoga. Four other candidates, two representatives from Lululemon, and myself sat in a circle and talked through some questions in an informal environment. It was incredible. The other candidates were such genuinely interesting and decent people that I sincerely wanted to keep talking with them after our hour was up. Each of us had a different background and our own reasons for wanting to work with Lululemon. I just knew that there was so much I could learn from these guys and it killed me that I’d never get the chance. I wished that we could all get hired and spend the next few months together so I could keep learning.

The hour’s ending was bittersweet. As much as I wished we could continue, we had been offered the chance to attend a complimentary class at the studio. The practice was excellent and unlike any I’d experienced before. The studio was gorgeous and big, floor to ceiling windows flooded the room with sunlight. One of my favourite parts was the eye pillow we used during the final shavasana. I have never had a more successful meditation and when I removed the pillow and sat up it was like waking up from the most restful and restorative sleep I’d ever had.

I left feeling more energized and excited about my future than I had in a long while. Something about the interview and the practice reminded me how much I love doing new things and meeting new people. I was so confident that I was following my path, doing what I was meant to be doing, and I was so curious to see what was waiting for me at the path’s end. I truly felt like everything was finally coming together, after weeks of searching for a job without success.

The day after the interview, I got an email saying that Lululemon had decided to pursue another candidate. I won’t pretend to have seen the silver lining before the cloud, but while I was initially crushed I have since come to see this too as a gift. It wasn’t until I didn’t get the job that I fully appreciated just how badly I wanted it. The idea that I couldn’t attain a job that furthered my passion for my practice made me feel sick to my stomach and it is a direct result of that reaction that I’ve come to realize just how much my practice means to me. Because I didn’t get this job, I am all the more interested in pursuing a job or volunteer position in the field of yoga because only now do I understand how badly I want it.

My interview was one of the most fun and inspiring experiences I’ve had in a long time and for that reason I want to thank Lululemon.


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