Recently I read this post by My Bikram Yoga Life which discusses, among other things, unlikely sources of inspiration and it got me thinking about what inspires me in my own life.

Yesterday I attended a class during which the heat climbed up a little higher than perhaps anyone had expected it too. Present in this practice was a newcomer to Moksha who had (understandably, given his lack of experience) come to class in thick, fleece-lined sweatpants. I winced as soon as he walked in and as the mercury rose I couldn’t help but think about this poor guy and how much he must be struggling. As class went on I shot a glance at him in the mirror and was beyond impressed with what I saw.

This guy was having a time of things, sure, but he wasn’t giving up. He was giving every ounce that he had in him to his practice and definitely wasn’t letting the heat or a thick pair of pants hold him back.

As I left class yesterday I thought about the obstacles I face in my own life. Lately, it’s felt like I’m sitting in the bottom of a very deep hole and I simply don’t know how I’m expected to climb out of it. However, this young man has reminded me that obstacles that might at first seem insurmountable often require nothing more than the courage to try something new and the determination to stick with it.

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources and at the most inopportune moments. Run with it!

Thanks, sweatpants guy!


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