When in doubt…


“When in doubt, pose it out.”

A mantra oft repeated by the quintessential selfie-taking high school student, this phrase has never meant anything very much to me until quite recently. Despite that I am neither a high school student nor one particularly prone to self-portraits, this phrase has developed new meaning for me in recent weeks.

Having recently completed my first year of university, I returned home full of expectations for the fabulous summer job I’d snag and pour myself into for the next four months. Trouble is, getting a job is actually pretty tricky. Finding that out the hard way saddled me with more doubt than I’ve ever known.

I was able to identify only two things that kept me up in the morning, forging ahead with a day that promised no employment:

1. The first was the yoga classes I had begun taking. You just cannot leave class feeling anything less than fulfilled and at peace.

2. The second was the outfit I’d planned the day before. I can’t let past me down by staying in my pyjamas!

So, with this in mind I am living every single day to the absolute fullest, employed or not. I am channeling the yogi and the model deep inside me and posing it out every minute of every day. No room for doubt here!


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